With some students in school, some students self-isolating at home, occasionally more significant local school lockdown or partial lockdown, it’s key that teachers have effective ways to set work for those students who are absent, whilst at the same time planning for and teaching those in front of them. Teachers who are already using the NCELP schemes of work may find that the NCELP lessons recorded on Oak National Academy may be an invaluable resource.
These can be used flexibly:
  • by individual students isolating at home
  • as cover lessons, led by a cover supervisor from the front, or
  • students may access them independently in a computer room or on ipads/phones with headphones in a classroom situation.
You can now access the following directly from the resource page of each full lesson resource on our NCELP Resource Portal:  PowerPoint / Google Slides for whole class teaching, link to videoed lessons.
Read more on our webpage: NCELP approaches to teaching and learning during COVID-19, including the different stages of development and availability of NCELP full-lesson resources.
If you are not currently using the NCELP Schemes of Work you might want to visit the above page for some tips on complementing your existing SOW, for example including individual phonics and/or grammar resources.
…and if you are having difficulty persuading others of the value of teaching NCELP Key Stage 3 SOW in your school, you might find this resource/flyer for headteachers (and SLT / teachers / parents/ governors) helpful.

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