Rachel Hawkes, Co-Director of NCELP, presented the following CPD sessions to the Dartmoor Teaching School Alliance on 8th June 2021.

Curriculum Design: intent, implementation and impact in languages

This introductory session examines the key drivers of curriculum planning and the core components of language learning, providing answers to the question, “What does an excellent languages curriculum look like?”

How does explicit phonics teaching make a difference?

The MFL Pedagogy Review recommendations include (amongst others) principles for teaching phonics, vocabulary, grammar and their combination in meaningful practice. In this workshop we focus on research-informed practice for explicitly teaching, consolidating and applying the sound-writing relationship in secondary language learning.  The session includes (freely available) resources for teaching phonics in French, German and Spanish.?

Teaching vocabulary – what’s in a word?

In this session we explore the following questions:
Why is vocabulary so important?
What does it mean to know a word?
Which words do learners need to know?
How many words do they need to know?
How can they best learn and retain those words?
The session includes practical teaching ideas and links to resources in French, German and Spanish.

Grammar: contrasting pairs, making the most of input

This session aims to develop understanding of a research- and practice-informed approach to selecting, sequencing, and teaching grammar. The principles draw on research about how learners attend to and process the input they hear and read, how they retain information, and the role of practice.

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