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Two new online CPD sessions cover NCELP Differentiation to support lower proficiency learners

Format: online

Audience: this session is aimed at teachers who have done our CPD course or have experience of using our Schemes of Work

Duration: 75 minutes

Cost: free

Differentiation in the NCELP SOW to support lower proficiency learners

This session explores differentiation in the NCELP Schemes of Work (SOW) to support lower proficiency learners, with three accompanying showcases with examples in each language for: French, Spanish and German. In particular participants will have the opportunity to explore: – Principles and key features of NCELP SOW: inbuilt design features that support lower proficiency learners per strand of Phonics, Vocabulary and Grammar – Showcases of differentiation within NCELP resources by: task type, level of support, outcome. – Ideas for further adapting resources, exemplified by teachers from the network of Lead Schools.

  • DLP4: Wednesday 1st February, 15:15 – 16:30
  • DLP5: Tuesday 7th February, 15:15 – 16:30

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