In this new resource collection, we present some examples of learning activities in French, German and Spanish that have been developed to support diversity, inclusion and representation in the UK language classroom. These form part of the NCELP lessons first piloted in some of NCELP’s 45 networked schools and beyond.

By adapting an inclusive approach to education, we teach learners about similarity and difference. In the language-learning context, this can mean breaking cultural barriers by familiarising students with cultural, geographical, political, historical and vocational aspects of areas in which the target language is spoken.

It also means empowering students by equipping them with the L2 knowledge necessary to communicate about diversity in their immediate environments, and doing so in a way that ensures all members of the language classroom feel seen, supported and included.

The resource collections for French, German, and Spanish and available freely on our Resource Portal, or by clicking the link below.

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