Understanding the new subject content for GCSE French, German and Spanish

Format: online

Timings: 3.30-4.30pm / 4.00-5.00pm / 7.00-8.00pm

Dates: various dates throughout March

Audience: MFL Heads of Department, Subject Leaders or MFL teachers.

Cost: free


On 14 January, the Department for Education confirmed changes to the French, German and Spanish GCSEs, in line with the 2016 MFL Pedagogy Review recommendations and 2021 Ofsted research review. The revised GCSEs are for first teaching from September 2024, with first exams in summer 2026. Following the success of our briefings on the new GCSE subject content we are planning to extend these courses over coming months. These briefings are FREE online events and will develop your understanding of the GCSE changes and draw out the implications for teaching and assessment, answering key questions and providing a springboard for any curriculum and pedagogy development planning. 


Attendees will be provided with a detailed overview of the new subject content for GCSE French, German and Spanish.

The foci for the session will be:

  • the background and rationale for the changes
  • the main similarities and differences between the current (2015) and the new (2022) GCSE Subject Content documents
  • the implications for teaching and assessment
  • answers to key questions to inform curriculum development planning going forward.

The briefings will offer an invaluable opportunity for teachers to engage in relevant discussions and return to school with practical knowledge to guide their next steps.

If you have any questions about these briefings, please contact: enquiries@ncelp.org

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Post-event information

You can download a copy of the presentation from the March GCSE Briefings below.

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