Resources and recordings from the NCELP Hub Day Webinar 2020

Images of webinar presenters

This webinar was hosted as an NCELP Hub event only. The original events schedule outlined each Lead School hosting a physical event where the target audience were schools local to them who have been involved peripherally with NCELP in some way. We decided to move to a central webinar given the current situation.

We are planning a wider event later in the autumn term beyond the current network and those who were invited to the webinar. More details to follow next term!

Optional background materials

If you are new to NCELP you might want to look at the materials below before delving into the webinar materials. All are available in screencast (presentation with voiceover) or video format:

Webinar presentations and session recordings

Visit the Hub Day Webinar collection on the Resource Portal for all presentations. In the description of each resource you will find a link to a recording of the session on YouTube. 

Direct links to the resources and video recordings are included below: 

  1. Keynote session: SOW / Curriculum Development and OFSTED (link to the Resource Portal), Emma Marsden and Rachel Hawkes. 
    Keynote recording (link to YouTube)
  2. Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and Vocabulary (link to the Resource Portal), David Shanks
    CALL session recording (link to YouTube)
  3. Drawing on KS2 Grammar Knowledge for KS3 Foreign Languages (link to the Resource Portal), Rowena Kasprowicz 
    KS2 Grammar Knowledge session recording (link to YouTube)
  4. The Teaching of Phonics in MFL: an Overview of Why, What and How (link to the Resource Portal, Robert Woore
    Phonics session recording (link to YouTube)
  5. Introduction and Overview: Grammar Sequencing and Teaching (link to the Resource Portal), Victoria Hobson
    Grammar session recording (link to YouTube)
  6. Final thoughts: the next steps for NCELP, Emma Marsden and Rachel Hawkes
    Final thoughts session recording (link to YouTube)

Questions and Answers

The following document includes all the questions asked by webinar attendees and the answers provided by our NCELP specialists either during or after the webinar. 

Useful links

You may also find the following useful: 

  • NCELP Resource Portal – our open, searchable, and sustainable database for materials supporting language learning and teaching, particularly in the areas of vocabulary, phonics, grammar, meaningful practice, corrective feedback in interaction, and motivation. 
  • NCELP Schemes of Work – overview of our Schemes of Work.
  • NCELP teacher CPD – series of self-access NCELP CPD sessions, for any teachers interested to learn more about the pedagogy.
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