NCELP is pleased to share news relating to our Year 7 and 8 schemes of work. All of the documents below are now freely available on the NCELP Resource Portal. Please feel free to forward to your networks.
  • Year 8 scheme of work ‘overview’ for French, German, Spanish. This two-page document summarises the key specifications of the Year 8 scheme of work for each language.

  • Year 8 scheme of work (a main ‘scheme of work’ tab and a ‘grammar tracking’ tab) for French, German, and Spanish. This document outlines the vocabulary, grammar, and ‘sounds of the language’ that are planned for the year. Please note that this is a draft and is subject to change in the process of developing the year 8 resources to accompany it. The first half-term of full lesson powerpoints (14 lessons in each language) should be available on the Resources Portal in 2-4 weeks.

  • Updated Year 7 scheme of work for French, German, and Spanish. These now include url links to all of the lesson resources (powerpoints) for the whole year, now including the summer term. The resources include links to ‘Textploitation’ lessons and assessments. We have also added these urls to the Year 7 resources logs tabs in the sheet. Please note that homework sheets and their audio files are currently being updated and will be ready by around mid-September.

  *Please note that these schemes of work are the only up to date versions currently in circulation.*  

We would like to thank all of those who have offered feedback on our Year 7 resources and those who are helping to video-record the lessons in collaboration with Oak Online National Academy.


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