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NCELP is pleased to share with you our Year 9 Term 1 schemes of work (SOW). Year 9 NCELP resources bring together the vocabulary, grammar and ‘sounds of the language’ knowledge developed in Years 7 and 8, and build on this in lessons rooted in rich and varied cultural themes.

All of the documents below are freely available on the NCELP Resource Portal.

Year 9 language guide (Term 1)

This document is designed to support students’ independent learning by providing succinct grammar explanations, vocabulary sets and a ‘sounds of the language’ guide.

Year 9 scheme of work (Term 1)

The Year 9 schemes of work and Year 9 scheme of work overview outline the vocabulary, grammar, ‘sounds of the language’ and word patterns that are planned for the year. It includes a ‘resources’ tab with links to all of the resources for the term on the resources portal, and to relevant Gaming Grammar.

Year 9, Term 1 resources

The full suite of Year 9, Term 1 resources are available for French and German, with the final few weeks of year 9 Term 1 Spanish resources being finalised in the coming weeks. This includes PowerPoint lessons, homework sheets and Quizlet sets. Google slide versions of the PowerPoint lessons are currently in progress.

Year 9, Term 2 and Term 3 resources

Year 9, Term 2 resource creation is underway. The scheme of work documents above also include an updated ‘grammar tracking’ tab that summarises the grammar to be covered in Year 9, Terms 2 and 3.

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