Students in assessment

We are pleased to release the Year 9 Term 1 achievement test.

For those of you following the NCELP Schemes of Work, the ‘assessment week’ is Term 1.2 Week 5. The achievement test is designed to assess students’ knowledge of a principled sample of phonics, vocabulary, and grammar (PVG) features. 50% of the features tested are introduced in Year 7 Term 1.1 – Y8 Term 3.2 Week 2 inclusive. 50% are introduced in Y8 Term 3.2 Week 4 – Y9 Term 1.2 Week 4 inclusive.

Completing tests remotely

We are providing ‘pen & paper’ tests which can be completed by students either in class or at home. Word documents with clickable tick boxes and embedded links to Vocaroo are provided so that students can email their responses to teachers in one document. Pre-recorded audio files, with instructions and pauses built in, are provided for teachers to disseminate alongside the test papers.The timings for each subsection are given on the test papers. We expect that the listening, reading and writing parts of the achievement test can be comfortably completed in 50 minutes.

Paper copies of the assessments have been uploaded to the Resource Portal:

Here, you will find, for each language:

  • the achievement test
  • the mark scheme
  • the transcript for the listening sections of each test 
  • accompanying audio recordings, in mp3 format 
  • excel score logs, with a short instruction guide
  • a practice test containing example questions and rubrics that closely mirror those used in the real test.

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